Brazing alloys, soft solders and preforms

Soft solders

We deliver the proper geometric form and alloy especially according to your requirements. In manufacturing possibilities, you find an extract from our product range or rather from the possible geometric shape which we can produce for you. Our potential in this field is almost unlimited and in accordance with our slogan WE CREATE SOLUTIONS we produce for your application the proper brazing preforms as well.

We can offer you different alloys based on tin. If you cannot find the right alloy on our homepage, please contact us. Due to our large network of suppliers, we are also able to easily procure small quantities for you. It is also possible to manufacture the soft solders from a material filled with flux.


HPW-denomination DIN EN 9453 DIN 3677 ISO 9453 IEC 61190-1-3 Compositions (per cent by weight) Temperature °C Application Data sheet
Sn Pb Cu Ag Solidus Liquidus
HPW-    Sn97Ag3 Sn97Ag3 S-                        Sn97Ag3 702 A30 Rest 3 221 224 Kupferrohrinstallation, Kälteindustrie Link
HPW-Sn96,5Ag3,5 Sn96,5Ag3,5 S-                        Sn96,5Ag3,5 703 A35 Rest 3,5 221 Eutektikum Kupferrohrinstallation, Kälteindustrie Link
HPW-Sn96,5Ag3Cu0,5 Sn96,5Ag3Cu0,5 S-Sn96,5Ag3Cu0,5 711 A30C5 Rest 0,5 3 217 220 Kupferrohrinstallation, Kälteindustrie Link
HPW-    Sn97Cu3 Sn97Cu3 S-                        Sn97Cu3 402 C30 Rest 0,07 3 0,1 227 310 Kupferrohrinstallation, Kälteindustrie Link
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